Sinotruk Howo road washing and sweeping truck also called road cleaning truck, street washing truck, street cleaning truck, vacuum washing truck, road washing and cleaning truck, cleaning and sweeping truck, Airport sweeper truck.

A road washing sweeper truck is used for washing, cleaning and vacuum collecting of surface dust, leaves, mud, soil, sand, stone chips, gravels and other small particles on the ground of the city, municipal roads and areas.

Meantime, it has a high-pressure jetting function – washing and flushing the road, able to remove the stubborn stuff on the road. It is widely used in the municipal sanitation field because of its convenient operation and high efficiency.

It is equipped with an auxiliary engine, air blower, imported high-pressure plunger pump, water tank, stainless steel dustbin, sweeping brooms, suction nozzles, sprayers, etc.

The road washing and sweeping truck has a self-cleaning system which could tip garbage and washing the dustbin automatically.